Where Spencer S. Lawson got his flair for the arts is a delicious mystery. Growing up in small-town Erda, Utah, with two sisters (one older, one younger) who loved sports, he figured he should, as well. He picked up soccer, baseball, football and basketball and played for most of his childhood. But he couldn't resist also putting on musicals in the front room, throwing on a tutu whenever the part called for it. After a while, he realized that dancing while dribbling a basketball was hard and left the sports to the ladies.

Spencer landed his first role in community theatre at a local historic pageant at age four. That led to two things: a "speaking" role in that same pageant when he was seven, and the fortunate realization that theatre was really, truly his "thing." Unfortunately, he hadn't realized how the pageant was set up: on opening night, there he was, ready to say his lines, when offstage monitors burst into life, broadcasting his lines for him (along with everyone else's). So much for a speaking role ...


 After what has become known (at least in his mind) as "The Pageant Fiasco," Spencer decided to stick to regular old school theatre for a while, performing in numerous middle-school productions and with his high school drama department for three years. But he increasingly felt the need for greater challenges, and for senior year moved to the "big city" to attend the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts.

Spencer is a recent graduate of The Hartt School with a BFA in Musical Theatre. Since graduation, Spencer has worked on professional stages in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, and Virginia.  

Spencer is an AVID Baker (@SmallKitchenSweets) and loves sharing treats with his friends in New York City. He also works as a Freelance graphic designer. Click here to check out his work!

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I created "The Quest" in 2012 while auditioning for BFA Musical Theatre programs and it has since been a constant reminder to me (Spencer) and the people around me of the passion that I have. It's a tool for inspiration, a little silliness, and lots of hard work. Check out the hashtag on Instagram! Follow the quest!!


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